About us

Our target is to turn everything to valuable items from almost no material costs by adding idea of professional product designer. Helping or guiding customers to enjoy the process of alchemy. We multiply our human resources to infinity from only 3 of our owners. Through communications between customers we generate infinity ideas to relieve the load of our landfill.

基本上香港人日常生活都有大量覺得”不值錢”的物資棄置並準備送往堆埋區,對我們手工房卻是很有用的物資,但在街上是輕易拾獲的,例如每日大小酒吧棄置的玻璃酒樽,大家很多時想分類回收但都會因貪方便就當普通垃圾的玻璃、膠樽、鋁罐、廢紙,還有廚餘, 甚至大掃除在家中找到有紀念價值但又無實質用圖的物品。