Update Opening Hours

Dear All Alchemist,

To the ease of all alchemist coming to A20,
we are updating our opening hours and effective immediately as below:

Monday – Friday: 3:00PM–9:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: 1:00PM–8:00PM
(Please call before visit)

A20 Workshop


A20 Workshop歡迎大家蒞臨本工作室製作各種手工,我地工作室有以下既手作可以俾大家試試手藝:

皮製咭片套 Leather-made card pouch: $100
Acrylic 彩畫 Acrylic painting: $300
銀介指 Silver ring: $600
銀手鐲 Silver bracelet: $680
能量塔 Orgonite: $600


日常使用工作室費用 Daily workshop usage fee: $160/day

Tel: 28952268
Whatsapp: 6398 3481
Email: info@a20workshop.com

16th July Smelting Assembly: Aftermath

The Smelting Assembly we held on July 16, 2017 has been ended successfully. It has been a long time we haven’t updated since the assembly. I guess it is necessary to give to everyone who has been put attentions on our feed a nice apology. The page has been inactive for awhile. I need to take the responsibility for this.

Speaking of which, We successfully acquired quite handful of pure aluminium by smelting 96 aluminium cans, in forms of muffin and rods.

We plan to use slim rod to make accessories like rings or bracelet, thick rod to be polished into simple craft and muffins to be re-smelted and moulded.

Perhaps you are asking if it is quite unnecessary to smelt aluminium can twice before the moulding.

Although we haven’t made a single finished art piece, yet, but we will update what have we done on aluminium reforging.


T.PARK is a sludge treatment facility.

T.PARK is an environmental education centre.

T.PARK is a recreational complex.

It is meant to be built to reduce the capacity load of the landfill by working on sludge from sewage treatment.

But they intend to become something more.

“Waste-to-energy” is kind of a recognisable term in the recent years. T.PARK is the definition of it.

As an environmental education and recreation centre, they have the virtue of being “eco-friendly”.

The way they put “waste-to-energy” into practice, are what we, A20 workshop, need to follow or study.

I would say that this guided tour does worth your time.

You might want to know how do they work on waste to transform energy, or what do they even have as a recreation centre.

Let’s stay tune on my update.

Open Time Arrangement

Ciao! We have a quick update on the opening hours. Detail as below:


Another update, Alchemy20 Workshop has just got its own number for enquiry.
Phone: 2895 2268 / WhatsApp: 6398 3481